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Welcome to my Healthy Spices blog, Spices for Life! Thank you for taking the time to visit. You will soon discover that I am deeply passionate about food, fitness and preventive health. Based on my experiences with my patients, I firmly believe that people want to live healthier lives, but don’t always know how, or have the motivation to change. So I decided to combine my three big passions and dedicate a good deal of time and effort to create this blog. The ultimate aim of Spices for Life is to educate and thus empower the public to make healthy lifestyle choices.

A little bit of background on me. I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. I come from a long line of doctors — cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents — so the fascination with medicine started at a fairly young age! (specifically at 11 years of age, when I developed malaria, but that’s another story altogether…).

I completed my training in internal medicine at Duke University Medical Center. Prior to residency, I obtained dual degrees in medicine and public health at Tulane University in New Orleans–one of the most unique, culturally-rich cities I’ve ever seen. I have always been interested in preventive medicine — focusing on primary care, nutrition and exercise — and global health. Thus far, I have performed clinical and public health work in Nicaragua, India* and Haiti, where I provided medical relief to earthquake victims.

Currently, I am a physician at the Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program where I help provide comprehensive care to an often overlooked and underserved population. Along with many other dedicated internal medicine and family medicine doctors, psychiatrists, dentists, nurse practitioners, nurses, case managers and many other compassionate individuals, the homeless men, women and children of Boston receive primary care, dental health, psychiatric care and much-needed social services. I also see patients at Massachusetts General Hospital and at clinics at various shelters. While my job is at times challenging, it is also deeply rewarding. I consider it a privilege to provide care to people who generally need it.

My parents emigrated from India in the late 1960s and raised my younger brother and I in an environment blended with cultural traditions and values from the East and the West. This included an emphasis on education, a disciplined work ethic and respect for others. Cultural influences included classical Indian singing and dancing, plays, and of course plenty of Indian cooking! Growing up, our home was always filled with exotic aromas emanating from our kitchen. My super-talented mother created – and still creates – delectable vegetarian, seafood and chicken dishes for our family, and often for other friends and relatives, wowing dinner guests with 10-15 dishes, elegantly displayed over our dining room table. Over time, I observed my mother in the kitchen, closely watching her dice and chop scallions, ‘jackfruit’ and broccoli, as well as chicken and fish. She would sprinkle them with carefully chosen spices, ranging from turmeric, coriander, cumin, paprika, ginger, garlic and several others. Her culinary range also included various lentils, fried rice, ‘biryani’, and of course, tasty desserts!

Like any good student, I asked many questions and took careful notes. But perfection can only come with practice, and after moving into my own apartment, I started to make ‘daal’ (lentils) and rice, scallions and potato, and tandoori chicken. Now, over 10 years of living on my own, I have hosted countless dinner parties – on a slightly smaller scale than the ones thrown by my mother! And somewhat to my surprise, my dinner guests have almost always given very positive feedback on my dishes. Naturally, I always gave credit to my mother, and in turn, *she* replies that if I put in all the effort, then I should get the credit (isn’t my Ma really sweet? :)).

Now, I would like to share these wonderful recipes with YOU! In addition to the recipes, I have researched the wide variety of spices I use, and their multitude of health benefits. My aim is to not only share these tasty dishes with the public, but to decrease the severity and incidence of chronic illnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, congestive heart failure and many others. The ultimate goal is to improve your overall physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Enjoy!


*Another one of my many passions is photography and web design. If you are interested in learning of my journey to India, as well as viewing spectacular photographs, please visit www.LipiInIndia.com!


Posted June 15, 2010 by lipiroy

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  1. Hi Lipi,

    Great reading your web site and hearing all your news.

    Eva, I, Ari (11) and Gabe (9) are still in Jamaica Plain in Boston. I’m working with Abbott Immunology, and Eva is still cooking.

    It would be nice to see you if you come up this way !!


  2. Congratulations Lipi!! You are on your way. I especially like the information you provide on the health benefits of specific spices. I’m looking forward to cooking these dishes.
    Wishing you all the best.

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