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Friends! My apologies for not adding a new post in a very long time! Over the last several months, my time was consumed by job applications, interviews, flights across the country, state medical license applications, credentialing and of course my ‘day job’, being a full-time internal medicine resident at Duke! (each of these activities is a full-time job unto itself…sigh…).

But alas, I am quite happy to announce that I have accepted a position in Boston where I will be caring for the homeless, as well as teaching medical students and residents from MGH and other Boston-area hospitals. I think it will be a wonderful opportunity to provide care for those who need it.  

Now that the job search is over, I have had time to cook a good deal, and have had a few dinner parties…and the dishes have passed the taste-test of my culinary friends. Now I am excited to share my recipes and spices with all of you! Enjoy 🙂

I will also be adding a new category called Health Topics which will discuss various illnesses that can benefit from healthier diets, including the recipes and spices included in my blog. Read, learn and be empowered to live healthier lives!


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